Information for the first-year students

Dear Student,

We would like to congratulate on your successful admission to our university. As the student of the University of Debrecen the first and very important thing to do is

to apply for the UniPass Card.

In our institution this card represents that the card owner (students, professors and the staff) belongs to our university. The card is essential to have your student years trouble-free. It will be your reader card in the University Library (DEENK in Hungarian) and you can also use it:

for parking in the university campuses,

for getting access to several university dormitories,

university buildings and lecture halls.

You can get Lifestyle Development Club membership

and discount services in the UniFit Fitness & Gym Center.

You can use it for the University bicycle rental system,

as a payment card in the university canteens,

buffets, university clubs and at university festivals.

Having your UniPass Card you can also get discounts

in several local shops and other places.

For this, please order it

no later than 31st August, 2021

on the following website after logging in with your eduID and password. You can get more information at the APPLICATION / ORDERING PROCESS menu on the UniPass website or in the university E-learning system. Ordering a UniPass Card for the first time is FREE! In case it gets lost, damaged or destroyed, the card owner needs to pay a replacement fee of 2,500 HUF.

In order to get your card as soon as possible we kindly ask you to pay special attention to uploading an acceptable passport-style photo. The photo should be an ID photo taken in front of a white wall and your whole face should be clearly visible. If your uploaded picture is accepted you will get an auto-reply about when and where you can pick it up.

We wish you successful studies and happy student years.