Disable, replace

Pursuant to the Section 3.§. (2) of the Unipass Card Regulation of University of Debrecen: „In case of the loss of, damage to, or destruction of the card, or when a new card is requested due to the change of the name of the cardholder, a fee shall be paid in the amount of HUF 2,500.” UniPass card can be disabled by logging in to your Profile then you can apply for a new one again. Cards are produced in biweekly production cycle.


  • In case the card has been stolen you need to verify it by showing a police report to our Customer Service.
  • For name change or card failure (eg. chip error) the replacement fee should not be paid either.

We would like to inform our cardholders that by blocking their cards certain services will be temporarily unavailable for them, until the new cards arrive. The blocked card cannot be used:

  • at the building entry systems (in buildings, dormitories)
  • as a reader card
  • during payment by UniPass Card
  • in the parking system (In the case the recognition system of plate numbers does not work.)
  • at the building entry system to the auditoria of the Faculty of Medicine
  • for enjoying UniPass discounts at places outside of the university campus

Ways to use card services while waiting for the new one:

1./ Building entry system (buildings, dormitories):

  • Building entry:

László Kéki (head of the security) is in charge of questions connected to building entry. Please contact him via e-mail or phone: (52) 512-900 / 73083 ext.

  • Dormitory entry:

Until your new card gets ready please contact the administrator of the dormitory for your temporary guest card.

József Borsos Dormitory:

Mrs. Éva Hegedűsné Stion
E-mail: stion.eva@unideb.hu
Phone: (52) 415-155 / 73071 ext.

Lajos Markusovszky Dormitory:

Ms. Viktória Nagy-Szűcs
E-mail: szucsviki@med.unideb.hu
Phone (52) 512-900 / 72472 ext.

or Mr. Bence Balázs Knapp
E-mail: knapp.bence@unideb.hu
Phone (52) 512-900 / 72471 ext.

At the Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational Needs in Hajdúböszörmény:

Ms. Judit Dalmi
E-mail: dalmi.judit@ped.unideb.hu
Phone (52) 560-004.

2./ DEENK Reading Card:

If you have a brand-new UniPass Card you have to visit one of the customer services in the University Libraries, where your old card number will be corrected to the new one in the database of the University and National Library, University of Debrecen. (Soon this step will not be necessary as in case of card exchange an interface connection will be built between these two databases.)

3./ Payment system:

The balance of your blocked card will not be lost. During the payment system installation, transferring your balance from the blocked card to the new one should be requested by sending an e-mail to our customer service.

4./ Parking system:

If you have bought a yearly parking pass for this year we suggest you to carry your confirmation e-mail about it with you. In case the recognition system of plate numbers does not work, we suggest you to take a ticket at the entrance. Show the ticket and your confirmation e-mail to the gate-keeper at the time of leaving. In case of any problems please contact the Security Team of UD Human Service Ltd. via email or phone: (52) 512-900 / 55595 ext.

5./ Building entry system to the auditoria of the Faculty of Medicine

Until your new card gets ready you can create a permanent barcode by giving your Neptun code on the eduLOG website. If you print it or bring it on your mobile phone the system will read it and identify you. After your new card is ready, within 24 hours its number will get into the eduLOG database, so it will be enough for you to show your new UniPass Card before the next lecture.

6./ Places outside the university where UniPass Card is accepted:

Until your new card gets ready you cannot use discounts connected to your card.