Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee

The University of Debrecen set up a unique Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee from the academic year 2017/2018. Within this framework our institution offers voluntary membership for all students, lecturers and employees of the University whereby the following services are available at discount or even for free: fitness monthly tickets, use of the university’s sports facilities, entry to sport events and matches/games.

The membership entitles you to get benefits and services such as:

  • discounts from the UniFit monthly tickets (For more information about the pricies visit the UniFit website.)
  • discounts from the DEAC tickets (For more information about the pricies visit the DEAC website.)
  • discounts from the SET (Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Center’s) services
  • one T-Shirt for free here
  • participation in the university Zumba classes for free.

Details for English Program students are available here or on the website of the Institute of Sports Sciences of University of Debrecen. For more information send a message via e-mail to the employee of the Institute.


  • There is no possibility to refund the paid Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee.
  • The fee that has not been paid earlier will not obstruct the registration for exams, for the following semester or for subjects.