Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee

A unique club system found by the University of Debrecen was set up from the academic year 2017/2018. University citizens (students, lecturers and employees) can be its members in a voluntary way.

Within the system of Lifestyle Development Club Membership the following services are available for carholders, particullary in the field of lifestyle, health and sports (eg. fitness and gym monthly tickets, use of the university’s sports facilities, purchase of tickets for sports events and matches at a highly reduced price) but certain services can be available for free as well.

The Lifestyle Development Club Membership can be prescribed on the UniPass card that also ensures the cash-payment in the club system, saves bought montly tickets in an electronic way so they also have a function as an enty card in the UniFit Fitness & Gym Center and for DEAC events.

The following services can be available by the membership:

  • preferential UniFit monthly ticket (For more information on the prices visit the UniFit website.)
  • preferential DEAC ticket (For more information on the prices visit the DEAC website.)
  • preferential SET (Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Center’s) services
  • one T-Shirt for free here
  • participation in the university Zumba classes for free.

Details for English Program students are available here or through the website of the Institute of Sports Sciences of University of Debrecen. For more information send a message via e-mail to the employee of the Institute.

The fee of the membership: 5000 HUF / semester

The following periods can be required:

  • autumn semester: between 1st September – 31st January
  • spring semester: between 1st February – 30th June
  • summer period (July-August): Membership fee can be validated for the summer period as well by paying 2000 HUF. It is possible for those members who used to be a member of the Lifestyle Development Club in the previous semester, having purchased their monthly tickets.


  • There is no possibility to refund the paid Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee.
  • The unpaid fee does not obstruct the exam, subject and semester registration.
  • The Lifestyle Development Club Membership Fee cannot be completed by the student loan.