UniBike: University bicycle rental system

The UniBike university bicycle rental system, established by the University of Debrecen is a public bicycle rental system. It is not an average bike rental but a new way of public transport with the aim of helping university citizens’ (students, lecturers and employees) with comfortable and quick travel among the university campuses.

The UniBike rental system is operated by the University Students’ Union. The Union cooperates with Debrecen Reformed Theological University so both universities’ students can hire a bike. Within the university bicycle rental system a total of 90 bikes will be available for cardholders at 7 rental stations (listed on the website) and at 152 docking stations.

It is necessary to have ACTIVATED university card (UniPass or DEKa) for hiring a bike and to use it in the payment system for PURCHASE more than once.


In case of cards produced earlier than 1 January, 2019 - if they were not used for purchase earlier - prior to its first use UniBike application requires initial data upload to the UniPass card.

If the cardholder does not intend to use the payment system temporarily then ask more information about its possibility vie e-mail in the Student Service Center (in Hungarian HAK).

How to hire a bike?

Bikes are available daily between 7:00-21:00. Using a UniPass card only one bicycle can be rented at the same time.

Rental fee: the first 30 minutes of every journey is free

Every other half an hour which has already begun afterwards as a rental will be charged: 200 HUF.

Before the first use of the UniBike bicycle it can be useful to read their website. For more information on the use of the system please write an e-mail to the UniBike Helpdesk or dial the following number: (30) 197-2462.