Parking permit application

The renewal of the old permits is due in January of every year. Up to this date it is necessary to register on the website and to start the parking fee transfer to activate the parking permit entitlement of every year. If you arrive at the university during the year you can still apply for a yearly pass. Thanks to the interface connection between SAPortal and the UniPass database since 2017 the application process of the parking permit can be followed after entering your UniPass profile.

What is the connection between the parking permit and the UniPass Card?

If you have bought a yearly pass you are entitled to enter to the University Campuses with the car registration numbers given earlier. According to the yearly pass the parking entitlement for university staff and students will be automatically activated for their UniPass Cards. If you do not have it you can require it with your eduID and password after logging in on the UniPass profile. If you do not have eduID or it is forgotten please contact ISZK by e-mail or phone: (52) 512-900 / 66333.

The parking entitlement will be activated for the later requested UniPass Cards, too. Having a UniPass Card is not essential for purchasing a yearly pass, however, it is recommended as in case of accidental system failure, the entitlement can be proved with UniPass Card. The Cards are produced every other week.

For ordering a yearly pass during the year you can visit SAPortal website. For more information (UD Human Service Ltd.) contact them via e-mail or phone (52) 512-900 / 55595.

What to do till my UniPass Card will be produced?

If you have bought the yearly pass this year - according to the suggestion of UD Human Service Ltd. - it is recommended to keep the printed confirmation e-mail about it with you. In case of accidental failure of crossing gates, it is necessary to tear tickets at the entrance to the University Campuses and show the e-mail to the security guard. In this case you will not get into any inconvenient situations untill your UniPass Card arrives.