How can I get my Card?

The Card can be used only if you have activated it. After picking up your Card please log in to our website with your eduID and your password, enter into your Profile and press "CARD ACTIVATION". Then give the three-digit CVV number which is under the barcode on the back of the Card. Our E-learning presentation also helps you in its activation.

In a justified case your card will be posted to you. If you want to use this possibility please write an e-mail to the Student Service Center (in Hungarian HAK).

You can take your card in person, in the following places:

  • For students of Medical School: You can pick up your card from the Registrar's Office, Education Center (EC): Room 105.
  • For students of Non-Medical Programs: You will be able to collect your card from the Coordinating Center for International Education, where your personal registration happens/happened. Please wait for the CCIE's further notice via e-mail with the details, from when and where you can collect your card. In case you are a new student, and your personal registration is in the upcoming days you will receive your Unipass card during that.
  • For students of the Faculty of Health: You can get your card depending on where you studies are located. If you study in Nyíregyháza, you can pick up your card from the Registrar's Office of the faculty there. If you study in Debrecem you can pick up your card from the Registrar's Office, Faculty of Health (Kassai Campus).
  • For PhD and ERASMUS students: Student Service Center (in Hungarian HAK) Egyetem Square No. 1. The e-mail address is:
  • For Staff of the University of Debrecen: That University Department where the employee would like to pick up his card and chose this department earlier, during the application process.